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    3d printable designs
  • Hi, we're BluePrintable.xyz

    Things are changing. The way physical objects are being made and maintained, in industry, education and the home is being democratised. No longer is good product design limited to those with big budgets. Or production lines limited to businesses who can afford them. 

    With access to 3D printing, anyone can create almost anything. The only limitations are your imagination, and your level of design skill. 

    We know learning 3D modeling can take a long time, and we know it takes a certain skill set to design reliably for 3D printers and similar technologys. 

    So we created BluePrintable.xyz to allow anyone to learn these skills, for free, to better themselves, create more beautiful, functional designs and improve the world.  

    Have you got feedback on our guides, requests for next projects or want to contribute? Then get in touch. 

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